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Volatility Index

Providing the most accurate, real-time volatility indices on the crypto market.

Volatility Index Charted
data every
15 seconds.
Implied volatility for ETH, BTC, and SOL at 14 days, 21 days, and 30 days. Inquire for any other time periods.
Volatility Data

Implied and Realized Volatility. Real-time and Historical Data.

Implied Volatility Measures
Using a model-free algorithm similar to the VIX we create implied volatility indices for ETH, BTC, and SOL from Deribit options.
Benchmarks (coming soon)
Our benchmarks give the most accurate “true price” of the underlying asset compared to our competitors.
Realized Volatility (coming soon)
Get realized volatility for a variety of time periods for any DEX, CEX, or of our benchmarks.
GARCH Models (coming soon)
Our GARCH models are the most accurate because we account for a variety of factors like periodicity.
Delta Skew (coming soon)
Any delta for any time period.
Volatility Surface and Smile (coming soon)
Visualized experiences for the volatility surface of popular crypto options.
Use Cases

Our data, your solutions.

Our data is provided in multiple forms and frequencies providing the flexibility you need for the solutions you are creating. Whether you're looking to learn about the past or predict the future, our data is fast and accurate.
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Developer's Support

Data and methodologies all in an easy to access API.

Even non-developers find it easy to access our API with our robust support.
Join our community and learn how you can contribute or make volatility work for you.
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Learn how our data is provided, protocols you can use and parameters available for maximum use.
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