Volatility is here to stay. Don't hate it, trade it.

Volatility Protocol is DeFi's home for composable volatility. We create volatility models for popular DeFi protocols and publish real-time volatility indices for leading crypto assets.

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Composable volatility that works with all your favorite money legos

UMA Protocol (umaproject.org)
Sushi Swap (sushi.com)
Uniswap (uniswap.org)
Balancer (balancer.finance)
Aave (aave.com)
Polygon (polygon.network)

Introducing DeFi's Volatility Protocol

We publish robust Volatility Index Feeds that can be used to build synthetic assets, manage portfolio risk, and gauge market sentiment for popular tokenized assets.

Make volatility work for you

Don't let wild price fluctuations keep you on the sideline. Learn how to use volatility as a tool, and start to discover and refine the boundaries of your risk exposure.

Volatility gauges market sentiment in real-time

Get insight into shifting market dynamics before they're well established using our live Volatility Feeds for every major crypto pair.

Hedge LP risk in swap pools and lending markets

Impermanent losses got you down? Volatility is the secret weapon employed by the greatest market minds to protect profits.

Speculate on price action, not price direction

Is that hot meme token headed to the moon or bound to crash back to Earth? What if you could win without guessing correctly?

A quick look at recent volatility

This chart shows the ETH spot price, realized volatility, and the volETH Index.

Built from the ground up for DeFi

We created Volatility Protocol to make it easy to combine robust volatility modeling methodologies with other money legos to create unique and novel financial products.

Volatility measures tailor made for crypto assets

Most classical models simply don't work well here, so we developed a new approach alongside one of the world's leading volatility experts.

Robust implementations backed by research and data

Every feed we create is grounded in data consisting of millions of transactions across dozens of exchanges and DeFi protocols.

First-class composability with leading DeFi protocols

Volatility Protocol plays well with others. We're open-sourcing examples of using our feeds with protocols like UMA, Balancer, Sushi & more.

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We won't sell your data, ever. Read our privacy policy for more info.